Digi-Log 1M and 2M – characteristics and description

Digi-Log 1M and 2M are data loggers able to store up to 999 measurements recorded by a digital measuring device, integrated data key for later transmission to a PC. For subsequent data transmission to a PC, the data output device is either connected directly to the PC using the relevant cable, or connected by means of a BOBE interface (depending on the design format of the data logger).

No previous programming is required for data logger operation - the Digi-Log is ready for operation immediately on connection to the measuring device. Digi-Log “M” also allows up to 100 characteristics over 9 samples to be stored.

Digi-Log 1HID – characteristics and description

The Digi-Log 1HID is a data logger for storing up to 4000 measured values ​​are passed to a digital measuring equipment in order to later on a PC. To transfer the measurements to a PC, connect the Digi-Log 1HID at the data output with a USB cable to your PC. Because the Digi-Log 1HID as keyboard (Human Interface Device) on the PC logs in, no driver is installed. The readings are always written to the cursor position of the active application, such as when you make the keystrokes.

The data memory (max. 4000 readings) can be divided into blocks so that individual samples, various features can be assigned. You can max. Read 100 features in 40 samples, select fewer features will be correspondingly more samples available.

The Digi-Log 1M, 2M and Digi-Log 1HID is easy to operate (just 4 keys) and is provided with an automatic cut-out facility, long battery life (9V lithium block) and a comprehensive range of accessories, making it an indispensable aid for mobile data recording applications.

Digi-Log equipment and connection options

Digi-Log are compatible with Digimatic [?] (Digi-Log 1M and 1HID) and OptoRS232 [?] (Digi-Log 2M) ports, as well as interfaces with these port types. Digi-

The range of connection options and prices is given in our table:

Type Digimatic OptoRS232 OptoRS232
With characteristics Data-Key
Digi-Log 1HID 1x     1x   x x
Digi-Log 1M 1x       1x x x
Digi-Log 2M   1x 1x     x x
Description Price
Digi-Log 1HID save up to 4000 measured values; 1x Digimatic interface (IN); 1x miniUSB as HID (OUT) € 628,00
Digi-Log 1M save up to 999 measured values; 1x Digimatic interface (IN); 1x Digimatic interface (OUT); max. 100 characteristics on 9 random samples € 628,00
Digi-Log 2M save up to 999 measured values; 1x OptoRS232 interface (IN); 1x OptoRS232 interface (OUT); max. 100 characteristics on 9 random samples € 628,00

Subject to alteration, possible error and potential further development. All prices (valid from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018) are in euro, excluding VAT and delivery costs.

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