MAZ1 – characteristics and description

The MAZ1 is a display for four Digimatic-measuring epuipment, with power supply an clear function for LGS/LCD sensor heads from Mitutoyo. Good-/Bad-Assessment (3 levels), with the font color change in tolerance is exceeded. The tolerance setting on the handheld device.

The Background color and default font color changed.

If the MAZ1 is connected to a PC using the HID-USB port, the box functions like a Bobe T-Box. The measured values are converted into keyboard codes, so that the MAZ1 can work together with any programme which expects keyboard entries, irrespective of the operating system.

MAZ1 type equipment and connection options

The MAZ1 support with to four Digimatic [?]. Data transfer can be started by the foot switch.

Typ Digimatic USB-port
Foot switch connector
MAZ1 4x x   x
Type Description Price
MAZ1 4x Digimatic, Good-/Bad-Assessment, HID etc. € 917,00

Subject to alteration, possible error and potential further development. All prices (valid from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018) are in euro, excluding VAT and delivery costs.

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