K-Box – characteristics and description

The K-Box combines two fundamentally different operating modes and therefore provides two USB ports for connection to a PC, but only one is allowed to be connected.
If the K-Box is connected to a PC using the HID-USB port, the box functions like a Bobe T-Box. The measured values are converted into keyboard codes, so that the K-Box can work together with any programme which expects keyboard entries, irrespective of the operating system.
Alternatively, the K-Box can be connected to a PC using the VCP-USB port and it then functions like an M-Box MUX with a MUX instruction set. The data is transferred to a virtual COM port (VCP). For this purpose, you need a PC programme which can communicate with the K-Box via a COM port and using a MUX instruction set.
The operating mode is set in the menu and must be changed, if you switch from one USB port to the other. You can also choose between a MUX10 or MUX50 format.

K-Box type equipment and connection options

The comibox support, among others, Digimatic [?] and RS232C for more than 70 measuring instrument freely selectable (deposited in the interface).

Data transfer can be started by the measuring device, foot switch or via a timer. Measured values can also be retrieved from the PC, by VCP operation mode. The PC programme used to process the measured

The range of connection options and prices is given in our table:

Type Digimatic RS232 USB port
USB port
Foot switch
K-Box 305 3x 2x x x x
Description Price
K-Box 305 3x Digimatic + 2x RS232 + foot switch connector € 662,00

Subject to alteration, possible error and potential further development. All prices (valid from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018) are in euro, excluding VAT and delivery costs.

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