HF-iwi-T-BoxKeyboard receiver for Mahr i-wi

Is a radio receiver for Mahr iwi measuring equipment and enables wireless transfer of measurement data from the measuring equipment to the PC as keyboard format.


HF-iwi-T-Box - characteristics and description

The HF-iwi-T-Box is a keyboard receiver for the Mahr i-wi-radio system or Mahr measuring equipment with built-in radio transmitter (i-wi) and enables the wireless transfer of measurement data from the instrument to the PC as keyboard Format (HID).

No special server is required for PC operation – the receiver is recognised as a USB keyboard interface. This means that you can use for data acquisition any program where you would normally entered the measured values manually. In addition, the HF-iwi-T-Box can also control inputs such as the Enter or Tab key simulate to automatically jump (e.g. in Excel) to the next field.

Up to eight measuring devices can be connected to a HF-iwi-T-Box over a wireless link.
Currently there are five different measuring device types which can be used with the HF-iwi-T-Box.
Specifically, these are MarCal 16EWRi, MarCator 1086Ri, MarCator 1087BRi, MarCator 1087Ri and Micromar 40EWRi

(HID=Human Interface Device, Keyboard-format)





1x USB-socket for Mahr-Messgerät with integrated wireless (i-wi)

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