USB2-USB-1Keyboard interface for USB-measuring devices/cables

The USB2-USB-1 is a keyboard interface, which readings from measuring devices

with a USB interface or USB cable to the PC.


USB2-USB-1 - characteristics and description

The USB2-USB-1 is a keyboard interface for USB-measuring instruments/cables and enables the transfer of measurement data from the instrument to the PC as keyboard format (HID).

No special server is required for PC operation – the interface is recognised as a USB keyboard interface. This means that you can use for data acquisition any program where you would normally entered the measured values manually. In addition, the USB2-USB-1 can also control inputs such as the Enter or Tab key simulate to automatically jump (e.g. in Excel) to the next field.

Note: ONLY measuring devices / cables that require an FTDI driver or CDC driver can be recognized.

(HID=Human Interface Device, Keyboard-format)

Scope of delivery

  • Interface
  • USB-cable
  • Instruction manual






2x USB-input for USB-measuring instruments/cables

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