Keyboard-Box – characteristics and description

The keyboard box is an interface for inputting quality assurance measurement data. Power is provided to all types of keyboard box via the USB port. When used with a PC, no server file is required for USB port operation, allowing the equipment to be quickly brought into service.
The USB interface is recognised as a keyboard connection and can be used with all programmes requiring manual keyboard input (e.g. Word and Excel). E.g. the “Enter” or “Tab” and other keys can be used to start measurement data transmission at the USB interface (with hexagon switch: Digi-USB-2 or with integrarted menu-funktion: see speciality/difference) – a virtual keyboard trigger is automatically sent to the programme together with the recorded data. It is also possible to choose the desired character separator.

The keyboardinterfaces with the integrated menu-funktion allow additional settings such as language (keyboard-layout) and timer to be chosen. Data transmission is triggered via a foot switch, data key or timer (according to the version used). Simple foot switch confirmation can be used to read in values from a range of connected measuring devices.

Keyboard-Box type equipment and connection options

The various keyboard boxes are primarily differentiated by the equipment and connection options provided. According to the design format, up to 12 digital measuring devices can be connected. Keyboard boxes support, among others, Digimatic [?]MultiRS232 [?] and RS232C.

The data transmission triggered with, per foot-switch or data-switch on measuring instrument or measuring cable (according to version). It is possible, to read several connected measuring instrument with only one foot-switch-activity (according to version).


More settings as language (keyboard-layout), separator and timer are possible to Digi-USB-0, Digi-USB-0 (2m) Opto-USB-0, Proxi-USB-0,Power-USB-0, Digi-USB-1/FT, RS232-USB-1, T-Box 205 USB version 7.xx, T-Box 300 USB, T-Box 301 USB, T-Box 302 USB, T-Box 305 USB, T-Box 401 USB, T-Box 402 USB and T-Box 405 USB with an integrated menu.
Furthermore the T-Box 30x USB series is cascadable.

The range of connection options and prices is given in our table:

Type Data cable Digimatic Multi
RS232 USB-port
Foot switch
Digi-USB-0 x       x   x
Digi-USB-0(2m) x       x   x
Digi-USB-1/FT   1x     x x x
Digi-USB-2   2x     x x  
RS232-USB-1       1x x x x
Opto-USB-0 x       x    
Proxi-USB-0 x       x    
Power-USB-0 x       x    
T-Box 205 USB
  Version 7.xx
  3x 2x   x x  
T-Box 300 USB   3x     x x  
T-Box 301 USB   6x     x x  
T-Box 302 USB       4x x x  
T-Box 305 USB   3x   2x x x  
T-Box 401 USB   12x     x x  
T-Box 402 USB       8x x x  
T-Box 405 USB   6x   4x x x  
Description Price
Digi-USB-0 Digimatic-cable (959149) with USB port € 134,00
Digi-USB-0 (2m) Digimatic-cable (959150) with USB port € 146,00
Digi-USB-1/FT 1x Digimatic, with foot switch connector, wit data-switch, USB port € 150,00
Digi-USB-2 2x Digimatic + foot switch connector € 303,00
RS232-USB-1 1x RS232 + foot switch connector € 180,00
Opto-USB-0 OptoRS232-Data cable (ca. 2m) with USB port € 162,00
Proxi-USB-0 S-Connect with Proximity-Data cable with USB-Socket € 162,00
Power-USB-0 Power-RS232-Data cable with USB-Socket € 198,00
T-Box 205 USB
  Version 7.xx
3x Digimatic + 2x MultiRS232 + foot switch connector € 526,00
T-Box 300 USB 3x Digimatic + foot switch connector € 377,00
T-Box 301 USB 6x Digimatic + foot switch connector € 526,00
T-Box 302 USB 4x RS232 + foot switch connector € 526,00
T-Box 305 USB 3x Digimatic + 2x RS232 + foot switch connector € 526,00
T-Box 401 USB 12x Digimatic + Foot switch connector € 797,00
T-Box 402 USB 8x RS232 + Foot switch connector € 797,00
T-Box 405 USB 6x Digimatic + 4x RS232 + Foot switch connector € 797,00

Subject to alteration, possible error and potential further development. All prices (valid from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018) are in euro, excluding VAT and delivery costs.

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