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Holiday/bridgeday 2024

Closed for holiday/bridgeday on 09th & 10th May 2024 - 30th & 31th May 2024 - 03th & 04th October 2024. Please note this.

Company holidays 2024/2025

Because of company holidays closed from 05.08.2024 to (incl.) 16.08.2024 (summer) and 23.12.2024 to (incl.) 03.01.2025 (winter). It may (one week before and after) come to delivery delays.

M-Box 100 series

The "new" M-Box models of the 100 series are in new housings and have a power supply on the Digimatic interfaces (for e.g. LGD/LGS buttons or W-Box 1P).


Is a radio receiver for the TESA measuring instruments (TLC-TWIN measuring instruments) and enables wireless data transmission of the measuring data from the measuring instrument to the PC as. [HF-TLC-T-Box]


The HF-iwi-T-Box is a keyboard receiver for the Mahr i-wi-radio system or Mahr measuring equipment with built-in radio transmitter (i-wi). [HF-iwi-T-Box]


The radio receiver for different radio systems (BOBE, Mahr i-wi and Sylvac bluetooth). [Radio transmission]

The tolerance display - GAZ 7HID

The tolerance display with good-/bad-assessment (3 levels), the front Color Change in tolerance is exceeded for 1x digimatic interface. [Tolerance display]


The latest receiving equipment for wireless data transmission. No special server is required for PC operation – the receiver is recognised as a USB keyboard interface. Recorded data can be transmitted directly to Excel or other text- or statistics-processing programmes. [Radio transmission]

T-Box 305USB

USB-keyboardinterface (HID). Power supplay via USB-port. No driver file for the USB-interface. The USB-Interface reveal themselves as a keyboard. Terminators like enter or tab can be adjusted at the USB-interface. More settings as language, separator an timer. Data-switch at measuring instrument, foot-swicht for data transmission or via timer. [T-Box]


A USB-keyboardinterface and data cable in one unit with „S_Connect Proximity“-Data cable with USB-Socket. Power supply via USB-Interface. The USB-Interface reveal themselves as a keyboard. Data-switch at measuring instrument for data transmission or via timer. [T-Box]


A USB interface and recording device cable in one unit - with OptoRS232C data cable. [T-Box]


A USB interface and recording device cable in one unit. The DIGI-USB-0 is an interface for the keyboard ports of IBM-compatible PCs. Recorded data is sent to the PC as keyboard code and recognised as a keyboard input at the PC. Additional optional settings such as language and timer are provided. [T-Box]