Product overviewInterfaces and ports

We have listed our full range of interfaces and the various product areas to provide you with a quick overview. And we are always at your disposal should you require individual consultation and advice.

Product overview


Small, reasonably priced and easy to integrate. A universal interface for the RS232C port, allowing a wide range of measuring devices produced by different manufacturers to be connected to one measurement point. [Product details]


M-Box's big brother. A universal interface for the RS232C port. Allows the connection of up to 32 measuring devices to a single PC. [Product details]


Like L-Box, C-Box is a universal interface for the RS232C port. Optimised for time-critical, multi-channel measurements using rapid state-of-the-art multiprocessor technology. [Product details]


A miniaturised interface for the RS232C port. The S-Box comes with no external power provision and is especially suited to mobile applications, e.g. for connection to a laptop. [Product details]


The T-Box and Digi-/RS232-USB Box is an interface specially designed for the keyboard port of a PC. Data is sent to the PC as keyboard code and recognised as a keyboard input at the PC. [Product details]


The K-Box is a keyboard interface (HID) or for a virtual COM-Port (VCP) of IBM-compatible PCs. [Product details]

Data logger

A reliable facility for the storage of data recorded by a digital measuring device, e.g. at a remote location. The recorded data can subsequently be transmitted to a PC. [Product details]

Large Displays

Large Displays allow recorded data to be displayed in 25mm or 57mm font sizes. Non-reflective, luminous LED technology makes for easy reading. The GAZ 7-iwi allows wireless measurements of a Mahr instrument with integrated wireless (i-wi). [Product details]

Fourfold display

Up to four Digimatic-Measuring equipment, with power supply and clear function for LGD/LGS-keys from Mitutoyo. [Product details]

Radio transmission

Our radio transmission systems allow you to record your measurement data using digital Mahr, Mitutoyo, OptoRS232 or TESA measuring devices and transfer the data by radio to the PC at the push of a button. [Product details]


Is a radio receiver for Mahr iwi measuring equipment and enables wireless transfer of measurement data from the measuring equipment to the PC as keyboard format. [Product details]


Is a radio receiver for the TESA measuring instruments (TLC-TWIN measuring instruments) and enables wireless data transmission of the measuring data from the measuring instrument to the PC as. [Product details]

DVL (Digimatic extension possibility)

The Digimatic-accessory (extension) DVL0, DVL1, DVL2 and DVL3serves come to connect two Digimatic-cables. [Product details]