BOBE Industrie-ElektronikQuality assurance interfaces

We develop and manufacture interfaces for computer-aided quality control (CAQ). With the help of our interfaces, data can be recorded using standard measuring devices and subsequently processed on a PC equipped with standard Windows applications.

Interfaces zur Qualitätskontrolle

Radio Transmission boxes or USB boxes with USB Interface

Basically, we distinguish between two different types of Interfaces/Radio Transmission boxes

  1. Interfaces/radio transmission boxes that software (for example, SPC/CAQ programs or other driver programs) need. Here are the interfaces controlled by the software or the PC. The M-/L-/C-/S-Box or HF-MS-M, depending on the type of the Serial Interface (COM) or the USB boxes such as e.g. M / S-Box or HF-MS-M/Slim, to the USB interface (VCP=virtual COM port) connected the PC.

  2. Software neutral Interfaces/Radio Transmission boxes (keyboard interfaces) do not require special software or other driver programs that interfaces can not be controlled from the PC. The respective interfaces pose as HID (Human Interface Device, keyboard format) to recognize and be connected to the USB interface. The interface box converts the measurement signal into a keyboard code that corresponds to a manual data entry.

Welcome to the BOBE Industrie-Elektronik website

In our capacity as experts in quality assurance, we design and manufacture data recording systems for industrial applications, in which the data captured by standard measuring devices needs to be reliably evaluated. The results obtained can be sent to your PC for subsequent processing in a number of different ways.

For the data-transfer, different data-transfer-systems and interfaces stand according to implementation like for example Digimatic, OptoRS232C, MultiRS232 and RS232 for the manufacturer like for example Mitutoyo, Mahr, Helios, TESA, Sylvac etc to the disposal. The connection to the PC of the data-transfer-appliance either can RS232, USB (VCP=virtual COM-Port), USB (HID=Human interface Device, keyboard-format) or also per radio transmission.

BOBE Industrie-Elektronik interfaces:

Close cooperation, both with the leading manufacturers of measuring equipment and the developers of quality assurance software, has resulted in our products offering:

Where quality assurance is an issue, we are able to provide data logger interfaces and data measurement equipment interfaces. Why not put us to the test and allow us to advise you? Do you have any special requirements? We can also custom build to order. We look forward to receiving your enquiries!

We do company holidays:

Because of company holidays closed from 05.08.2024 to (incl.) 16.08.2024. It may (one week before and after) come to delivery delays.


Long-term repairs instead of throwing them away, our repair service offers you the opportunity allow defective BOBE items to be repaired.
After our error analysis, we will provide you with a cost estimate about the repair costs incurred.

M-Box 10x series

The "new" M-Box models of the 100 series are in new housings and have a power supply on the Digimatic interfaces (for e.g. LGD/LGS buttons or W-Box 1P).


The HF-TLC-T-Box is a keyboard receiver for the TESA TLC-TWIN radio system or TESA measuring instrument with additional TESA radio transmitters (TLC-BLE).


The radio receiver for different radio systems (BOBE, Mahr i-wi and Sylvac bluetooth).


The HF-iwi-T-Box is a keyboard receiver for the Mahr i-wi-radio system or Mahr measuring equipment with built-in radio transmitter (i-wi).