Data formats

and transmission protocols

BOBE-Industry-Electronic interfaces electrically adjust the ports on a range of measuring devices produced by different manufacturers and convert the various protocols to a single unified format.

Data formats

Data formats

Each instrument manufacturer has his own idea of the most reasonable measured data transmission. The result is, unfortunately, a great variety in existing data formats and transmission protocols.

In many cases, even individual instruments by the same manufacturer greatly vary in the data transmission method.

An interface has the task to electrically adjust the instrument interfaces and to know the various protocols and convert them into a uni format. BOBE Industrie-Elektronik's interfaces distinguish four different instrument groups: Digimatic, OptoRS232, RS232 and Sylvac SY4 (old). The MultiRS232 (Multiport) group is combination of OptoRS232 and RS232.

Depending on the interface group, various transmission protocols are processed:


The following instruments can be connected to interfaces with the Digimatic interface, original cables of the measuring instrument manufactures:

  • All instruments with Digimatic interface (Mitutoyo, Marposs, PAV and Kröeplin) (instruments which are to be fed externally can only be processed by the C Box.)
  • Mahr Exd typs and Extramess 2000 inductive micrometer.


The following instruments can be connected to interfaces with OptoRS232, original cable "SIMPLEX" of the measuring instrument manufactures:

  • Standard OptoRS232 instrument
  • Sylvac manual instrument
  • Helios manual instrument
  • Mahr manual instrument
  • Tesa Digico 10 clock
  • Various Bowers instruments
  • Various Preisser instruments
  • Various FMS instruments
  • TESA Hite level measuring instrument
  • Tesa DigitCal OptoRS232
  • Tesa digi-cal capa µ system
  • Tesa micromaster capa µ system
  • Tesa TTD20/60 (with OptoRS232 card)
  • Mahr 1085 clock
  • Mauser digital 6

MultiRS232 (Multistecker)

(use cable with the designation B00xx)
The following instruments can be connected to interfaces with Multi RS232 interface, the name of cable are "B0xxx":

  • Tesa Digit micrometer screw with TTL-RS232 interface
  • Tesa DigitCal caliper with TTL-RS232 interface
  • Tesa Digico 1/2 and Compac clock with TTL-RS232 interface
  • All instruments listed under OptoRS232 (original "SIMPLEX" cables can be used)
  • All instruments listed under RS232


The following instruments can be connected to interfaces with RS232 interface, you can need the original cable with typ "DUPLEX" or BOBE cable with the name "PC0xxx":

  • Heidenhain VRZ/ND counter
  • Helios Unitron Counter
  • Kern scales Typ 510
  • Mahr 817 CI
  • Mahr Millitron 1240/150x
  • Mettler PM3000 scales
  • Precisa Serie300 scales
  • Sartorius MC1 scales
  • Sony U12/30/60/LY/LZ51-C
  • Sylvac 80/100
  • Trimos V600
  • Tesa MicroHite PowerPanel
  • Tesa MicroHite Serie 10/11
  • Tesa MicroHite 04
  • Tesa MicroHite 06
  • Tesa MicroHite 1D with 1200
  • Tesa MicroHite 2D with 4800
  • Tesa MicroHite 1D/2D
  • Tesa TT10
  • Tesa TTD20
  • Tesa Tronic TTD60
  • and other...

Please also note that identical devices can be assigned. In measuring equipment not listed please inquire, several special devices are not listed with.