Terms of delivery

Prices, delivery times and service

We deliver our products according to our terms of delivery.

Terms of delivery

All Prices (all prices non-binding/subject to change) in euros ex works plus value added tax at the applicable rate.
Packaging/shipping costs will be invoiced separately. Delivery is only to EU countries and Switzerland.

Payment term
The invoice is payable within 30 days purely Net after date of invoice.
With new customer, 3 deliveries take place per cash on delivery (COD). Ought to no cash on delivery (COD) accepts, we can offer you also prepayment.
These are „valid it for general delivery terms for the products and performances of the electrical industry“.
Guarantee: 2 years as of delivery date.

Grading: 1-4 pieces: 0%, 5-9 pieces: 2%, 10-24 pieces: 5%, from 25 pieces: 10%
Discount refers to articles of the same Order No. and to closes acceptance.
No discount on cable or other articles for Mahr-, Mitutoyo-, and Sylvac-units

Unless we take back goods because of a false accept orders in individual cases, we charge a processing fee/restocking fee equal to 10% of the net selling price, but at least 25,- Euro. 
The return has free of cost and in faultless condition being carried out.
No be returned:

  • Custom/special equipment
  • Individually marked or labeled fort he purchaser
  • Goods which had been the purchaser prior to returning strong in the use

Delivery times
Standard equipment: 1 week after order confirmation
Special customization: 4-6 weeks after order confirmation

Per UPS standard against calculation, delivery takes place Monday until Thursday.

All equipment passes through numerous tests before the delivery and an extensive one Quality control.
BOBE Industrie-Elektronik is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015.


Subject to alteration, possible error and potential further development.