The interface for up to 32 measuring devices

L-Box is M-Box’s big brother. It is also a universal interface for the RS232C port.
L-Box allows the connection of up to 32 measuring devices to a single PC.


L-Box – characteristics and description

Like M-Box, L-Box is deployed as an interface for industrial applications in the field of SPC quality assurance and CAQ (computer-aided quality control).
Power to run the unit is provided as standard by means of a 230-volt integrated mains network element. A Mitutoyo LGD-/LGS-key, connected for measurement purposes, is also provided with power by the internal source. The LGD-/LGS-key can be reset (Clear) either by a relevant command or by pressing the key.

L-Boxes are equipped with external foot switch connections, which facilitate trouble-free data transmission to the relevant software. Box activity is displayed by an array of status LEDs, permitting operational control of the device.

L-Box equipment and connection options

Up to 32 digital measuring devices can be connected via L-Box to a single PC. L-Box is provided with a range of Digimatic and MultiRS232 ports.

All L-Boxes support the BOBE EAI488 command set. In addition, L-Boxes 2, 11 and 12 are available with a slightly modified Mitutoyo MUX50 command and data format, allowing them to be operated with quality assurance data software exclusively configured for MUX 50-type Mitutoyo Interfaces (z.B. DMX-16).

Scope of delivery
  • Interface
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual
Power supply
Foot switch
L-Box 216x xxx 1.205,00 €
L-Box 2 MUX16x xxxMUX501.205,00 €
L-Box 1124x xxx 1.468,00 €
L-Box 11 MUX24x xxxMUX501.468,00 €
L-Box 1232x xxx 1.611,00 €
L-Box 12 MUX32x xxxMUX501.611,00 €
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